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SSL Certificates



[2/25/15, 11:43:46 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: ssl certs are such a fucking scam

[2/25/15, 11:43:54 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: tell me more

[2/25/15, 11:43:57 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: I could do this myself for free in 10 seconds
[2/25/15, 11:44:22 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: instead I paid $300 and have to wait for godaddy to decide to generate my certificate before the next mass extinction event

[2/25/15, 11:44:54 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: what if banks issued ssl certificates
[2/25/15, 11:45:05 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: its all about trust and authority right

[2/25/15, 11:45:21 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: then they would cost $3,000 instead of $300 and I'd have to wait through the next 7 extinctions before I learned they lost the paperwork

What is love?



[2/21/15, 1:21:37 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: I've seen her tits for 5 seconds
[2/21/15, 1:21:41 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: and already in love

[2/21/15, 2:17:26 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: slava I don't think you know what love is

[2/21/15, 2:21:10 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: love is when vagina get wet

[2/21/15, 2:22:38 PM] Adrian Bravo: ^
[2/21/15, 2:22:53 PM] Adrian Bravo: slava, you are wise beyond your years

[2/21/15, 2:23:30 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: lol
[2/21/15, 2:23:52 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: I am dalai lama
[2/21/15, 2:24:05 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: dalai slava




Freddy: Hi i need pro SEO
Matt: You came to the right place




[1/28/15, 10:25:16 AM] Jared Levitz: girl from Lviv asked me why I have chosen this pseudonym, explained that I don't like when people misspell my name with Slave :D
[1/28/15, 10:25:25 AM] Jared Levitz: and also I love Levi's jeans

Winter was coming



Freddy: 1936, South Dakota
Freddy: Two friends emerge from nearly frozen waters
Freddy: One had long hair and blue eyes
Freddy: The other one, a young black man, Rex Tylone, muscular and toned
Freddy: They were gay.
Freddy: Soon, the hipsters were to show up and protest the love these two free souls had been fostering... Black and white, kris-kross, jimmy eats world.
Freddy: A drip of sweat mixed with a tear... Between the blink of an eye and a sunset... Explodes upon impact with the dark, dirty, crunchy ground: BA-BOOM!!!
Freddy: Winter was coming. It did.
Freddy: -- the end, freddy d., i.q. 420

John "Hex" Carter is a great author.



[11/12/14 10:36:31 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: let's play hex carter or f scott fitzgerald
[11/12/14 10:36:38 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: i will paste to you excerpts from
[11/12/14 10:36:43 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: 1) "alan" by hex carter
[11/12/14 10:36:46 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: and
[11/12/14 10:36:55 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: 2) "the great gatsby" by f scott fitzgerald
[11/12/14 10:37:06 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: you have to guess who wrote the pasted quote
[11/12/14 10:41:35 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: For a moment the last sunshine fell with romantic affection upon her glowing face; her voice compelled me forward breathlessly as I listened — then the glow faded, each light deserting her with lingering regret, like children leaving a pleasant street at dusk.
[11/12/14 10:42:25 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: The two vehicles pulled into a nearby park, which had some benches and not many other people. They all got out and made their way to a bench where Garth and Bob started eating their greasy breakfast.