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Who Cares



Freddy: why do they print checks
Cupples: who cares
Freddy: good point
Freddy: what am i? a girl?

There's no "I" in team.



[7/29/14 1:50:54 PM] Freddy CUNT Duarte: what's a good business card
[7/29/14 1:51:01 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: there's no i in business

Bee Honey



[7/29/14 9:51:10 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: it's the same as with bee :)
[7/29/14 9:51:50 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: I mean death doesn't stop bee to protect his honey

[7/29/14 9:52:09 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Doesn't it, though?

[7/29/14 9:52:35 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: I think it probably does

[7/29/14 9:53:37 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: when bee bites someone bee dies.

[7/29/14 9:54:03 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: that is true
[7/29/14 9:54:17 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: but it stopped him from protecting his honey
[7/29/14 9:54:22 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: source: I have a jar of honey in my kitchen

Ukrainians don't have Feelings



[7/16/14 4:38:35 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi:
[7/16/14 4:38:42 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: why all of these man are crying?
[7/16/14 4:38:50 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: I mean I know why, but

[7/16/14 4:39:01 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: slava why did you link us a picture of a bunch of bitches

[7/16/14 4:39:16 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: I don't understand is that so touching to see the bride in a dress?

[7/16/14 4:39:27 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: slava do you have feelings in ukraine?

[7/16/14 4:39:37 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: nah I just don't understand why they're crying. It's btw americans

[7/16/14 4:39:44 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: right, we have feelings here

[7/16/14 4:40:48 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: Josh when you've seen your future wife in a dress you been crying?
[7/16/14 4:41:11 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: will I cry when I will see mine Anna in a dress?

[7/16/14 4:41:35 PM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: I teared up a little bit at my wedding but I cry constantly
[7/16/14 4:41:38 PM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: I'm crying right now

[7/16/14 4:41:56 PM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: haha

Coffee Maker



Timothy: man i got this new coffee device
Timothy: i wasn't able to make coffee at home for a long time
Timothy: i missed it
Timothy: well as a friend i thought you did, you monster.
Matthew: naw i'm just kiddin' buddy. tell me about your stupid ass coffeemaker
Matthew: (that no one cares about)
Timothy: no i don't feel like it anymore

Credit Card Debt



[5/22/14 2:54:50 PM] Freddy: i like how i'm still paying her 25 credit cards
[5/22/14 2:55:00 PM] Freddy: which had interest rates at like 29,99%
[5/22/14 2:55:13 PM] Freddy: i was like, good job, that's the maximum allowed by Obama
[5/22/14 2:55:32 PM] Freddy: so we consolidated them
[5/22/14 2:55:44 PM] Freddy: and now she insists in having an american express card open
[5/22/14 2:55:50 PM] Freddy: because "it's great"
[5/22/14 2:56:03 PM] Freddy: 70 bucks a month, 29,99% interest
[5/22/14 2:56:08 PM] Freddy: get married man, it's great