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Where's that



Freddy: Director of Applications Development, , April 2008 - Present (6 years 8 months)
Freddy: looks like someone forgot to update his linked in account bro
Matthew: uh oh
Matthew: he works as a SENIOR RAILS DEV
Matthew: at now
Freddy: where's that
Matthew: sf
Freddy: no, where's that in a scale from 0 to 10 in terms of how much I care?

drive time with dave



[11/3/14 11:29:46 AM] David Michael Geffken: i’ve discovered a fantastic way to beat rush hour traffic.  I just start working how long my non rush hour commute is before 9, then i go into the office and i don’t sit in traffic for over an hour and i didn’t lose any time
[11/3/14 11:30:02 AM] David Michael Geffken: it’s changing my life

[11/3/14 11:31:23 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: what
[11/3/14 11:31:27 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: i read that like four times
[11/3/14 11:31:29 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: and don't get it

[11/3/14 11:31:40 AM] David Michael Geffken: so in rush hour it takes me over an hour to get to boulder
[11/3/14 11:31:44 AM] David Michael Geffken: not rush hour it takes 30 minutes
[11/3/14 11:31:50 AM] David Michael Geffken: so i start work at 8:30
[11/3/14 11:31:57 AM] David Michael Geffken: then go into the office around 10:30
[11/3/14 11:32:09 AM] David Michael Geffken: get there by 11.  boom.  no time lost and i didn’t sit in traffic for an hour

[11/3/14 11:32:17 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: that's brilliant
[11/3/14 11:32:26 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: so it's like you're working the same amount of hours
[11/3/14 11:32:37 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: just at inconvenient ones in relation to everyone else
[11/3/14 11:32:46 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: that's very thoughtful of you

[11/3/14 11:33:55 AM] David Michael Geffken: haha did you just shame me for it being inconvenient to other people?

[11/3/14 11:43:36 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: hahahaha yes

[11/3/14 11:54:24 AM] David Michael Geffken: since i’m on mountain time, i argue that it is more convenient because i’m available earlier on east coast time

[11/3/14 11:55:16 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: you know who else made pretty convincing arguments against the status quo?
[11/3/14 11:55:18 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: hitler.

[11/3/14 11:55:54 AM] David Michael Geffken: dave figured out a way around rush hour traffic…. time to burn the jews




[11/3/14 11:16:58 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: Slava you're surprised that people are racist in Ukraine, the country where literal nazis tried to overthrow the government?

[11/3/14 11:17:17 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: Svoboda? they got 4% on elections
[11/3/14 11:17:24 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: and not all of them nazi
[11/3/14 11:17:34 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: just their leader

[11/3/14 11:17:39 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: slava can you introduce me to some svoboda women
[11/3/14 11:17:45 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: they sound really easy to trick

[11/3/14 11:18:07 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: I dunno :( for real it seems it can be denger

[11/3/14 11:18:18 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: denger is my middle name, slava

Ukrainian Black People



[11/3/14 11:09:53 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: Slava for real what is the Ukrainian slur for black people

[11/3/14 11:10:18 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: I not sure I understand
[11/3/14 11:10:19 AM] Viacheslav Sergei Rudkovskyi: :D

[11/3/14 11:10:32 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: that's because you're too evolved
[11/3/14 11:10:49 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: let's say you were walking down the street and you saw a black dude and you wanted to make him punch you directly in the face
[11/3/14 11:10:51 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: what would you call him

Death to Russia



Lindsey: Did you write in "Росія: НІ"
Lindsey: to let everyone know what you think

Slava: Like to "Russia - No" ?

Lindsey: Yes, down with Russia
Lindsey: #killallrussians
Lindsey: #betterdeadthanred

Cupples: we have to murder to PREVENT the murders

Slava: no we just saying "ПТХ" literally translates like "Go on the dick"
Slava: but
Slava: means
Slava: "Go home"
Slava: (rofl)
Slava: like in America ppl says Yanki's or how
Slava: not sure

Lindsey: That is a surprisingly few characters for "go on the dick"

Slava: yeah

Cupples: yankee go home
Cupples: that's uh

Slava: yeah it just
Slava: Путин Пошел Нахуй

Cupples: that's what hillbillies say when the bank sells the deed to their ranch to someone who can pay a mortgage on time

Slava: ПТН like ПуТинНахуй
Slava: :D
Slava: something like that

Lindsey: But then a brave cowboy rides in and steals the deed back and gives it to the salt of the earth farmers who are the real American heroes
Lindsey: that's how finance works




[10/31/14 1:58:22 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: i told some bitch with fake tits on okcupid that i have irritable bowel syndrome
[10/31/14 1:58:26 PM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: let's see how that works out