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always be going to the oakland game meetup with pi



nowthatsamatt [4:42 PM] well we're going
nowthatsamatt [4:42 PM] so you should also be going
nowthatsamatt [4:42 PM] abc = always be going to the oakland game meetup with pierre and matt
nowthatsamatt [4:42 PM] you'd like pierre.  he likes all the stupid bullshit you like, like learning and science and dumb shit like that
nowthatsamatt [4:42 PM] he built a backup camera for his car and installed it (edited)
nowthatsamatt [4:43 PM] and he made the drone

whoami_anyway [6:27 PM] oh
whoami_anyway [6:27 PM] i dont know if i like that shit anymore man

adrian [6:31 PM] he sounds like a total piece of shit
adrian [6:31 PM] hey did pierre break his arm on a skateboard?

whoami_anyway [6:32 PM] yeah
whoami_anyway [6:32 PM] did he?
whoami_anyway [6:32 PM] if he did then he's cool




[7/12/15, 12:30:34 PM] Adrian Bravo: i'm slow cooking chicken right now

[7/12/15, 12:30:59 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Cook that shit slow.
[7/12/15, 12:31:05 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Maybe I need a slow cooker
[7/12/15, 12:31:24 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Is that a crock pot

[7/12/15, 12:31:24 PM] Adrian Bravo: yeah i just found out they sell liners for them, so you can cook shit without having to clean it
[7/12/15, 12:31:28 PM] Adrian Bravo: yeah they're the same thing

[7/12/15, 12:31:32 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Whaaaaat

[7/12/15, 12:31:33 PM] Adrian Bravo: crock pot is a brand i think

[7/12/15, 12:31:42 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Link liners please

[7/12/15, 12:31:53 PM] Adrian Bravo:
[7/12/15, 12:31:59 PM] Adrian Bravo: i'm just going to buy them at a store

[7/12/15, 12:32:27 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Still. $2 for like what
[7/12/15, 12:32:30 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Four meals
[7/12/15, 12:32:34 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Minimum

[7/12/15, 12:33:02 PM] Adrian Bravo: not cleaning a giant fucking pot is worth $0.50 to me
[7/12/15, 12:33:10 PM] Adrian Bravo: and that shows as $2 for you?

[7/12/15, 12:33:30 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: It says $5 something

[7/12/15, 12:33:32 PM] Adrian Bravo: yes

[7/12/15, 12:33:34 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: For four liners

[7/12/15, 12:33:35 PM] Adrian Bravo: then shut the fuck up
[7/12/15, 12:33:41 PM] Adrian Bravo: and stop lying

[7/12/15, 12:33:53 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: So I rounded up?
[7/12/15, 12:33:57 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Where do you get fifty cents
[7/12/15, 12:34:33 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Are you stupid adriab

[7/12/15, 12:34:45 PM] Adrian Bravo: more like 13.53/20 ~= $0.68

[7/12/15, 12:34:50 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Okay I need laundry quarters too. Don't let me forget.

[7/12/15, 12:34:58 PM] Adrian Bravo: that's my shitty calculation
[7/12/15, 12:35:07 PM] Adrian Bravo: get TWENTY at once
[7/12/15, 12:35:24 PM] Adrian Bravo: so your liner problem is solved for a couple of months

[7/12/15, 12:35:26 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: That's awfully presumptuous
[7/12/15, 12:35:41 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: Assuming you're going to live to use twenty liners.

Think Different



Adrian Alexandre Bravo: and it's like
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: fucking seriously
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: a building
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: of all "affordable" housing
Matthew Randall Cupples: a whole building of poors.
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: let's just turn that block into a shithole
Matthew Randall Cupples: on the plus side though
Matthew Randall Cupples: you could make some money off this
Matthew Randall Cupples: by betting on how long it takes them to break the elevator
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: yeah i can open a fucking popeyes
Matthew Randall Cupples: all your friends would be like OH ITLL BE LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS EASY
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: haha
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: maybe i'm an asshole now or something
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: but i can't picture that block turning into affordable housing being a good thing
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: there will be trash
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: because every project near where i live is surrounded with trash
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: and there will be crying black children
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: because whatever
Matthew Randall Cupples: Well, another thing is uh
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: oh murder
Matthew Randall Cupples: why put poor people housing in an area where poor people can't get jobs?
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: right
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: because they don't need jobs
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: oh i mean for diversity
Matthew Randall Cupples: hhaha
Matthew Randall Cupples: dude how do we have diversity here
Matthew Randall Cupples: i was just realizing
Matthew Randall Cupples: that everyone here who is accepted and "diverse" (read: skin color or accent is different) has the exact same or close to the same societal values as we do
Matthew Randall Cupples: that's not diversity
Matthew Randall Cupples: you just put white people in different costumes
Matthew Randall Cupples: you don't see people sharing their fucking cultures in the office or whatever
Matthew Randall Cupples: no
Matthew Randall Cupples: they're all normal fucking people
Matthew Randall Cupples: and people keep patting themselves o
n the fucking back for being able to see different colors or hear new accents at work Matthew Randall Cupples: everyone just buys into this scam that we're racist based on superficial attributes
Matthew Randall Cupples: but deep down, we're all fucking racist against shitlords
Matthew Randall Cupples: and always will be
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: we need to shake things up
Matthew Randall Cupples: because they're fucking shitlords
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: by bringing real diversity
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: doing things like shitting in the elevator
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: UM EXCUSE ME THIS IS DIVERSE
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: haha
Matthew Randall Cupples: (remember that, ha ha ha)
Matthew Randall Cupples: (topical humor)
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: THINK DIFFERENT
Adrian Alexandre Bravo: SHIT DIFFERENT

White Racism



Matt: freddy you're so evolved
Matt: you know that racism is wrong
Freddy: only with black people
Matt: that's true
Matt: it's fine to hate asians and whites
Freddy: racism with white people is like that one 17 year old that got a bj from his teacher and called it rape
Matt: hahahaahhahahhaa

SSL Certificates



[2/25/15, 11:43:46 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: ssl certs are such a fucking scam

[2/25/15, 11:43:54 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: tell me more

[2/25/15, 11:43:57 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: I could do this myself for free in 10 seconds
[2/25/15, 11:44:22 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: instead I paid $300 and have to wait for godaddy to decide to generate my certificate before the next mass extinction event

[2/25/15, 11:44:54 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: what if banks issued ssl certificates
[2/25/15, 11:45:05 AM] Daniel Robert Lewis: its all about trust and authority right

[2/25/15, 11:45:21 AM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: then they would cost $3,000 instead of $300 and I'd have to wait through the next 7 extinctions before I learned they lost the paperwork

What is love?



[2/21/15, 1:21:37 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: I've seen her tits for 5 seconds
[2/21/15, 1:21:41 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: and already in love

[2/21/15, 2:17:26 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: slava I don't think you know what love is

[2/21/15, 2:21:10 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: love is when vagina get wet

[2/21/15, 2:22:38 PM] Adrian Bravo: ^
[2/21/15, 2:22:53 PM] Adrian Bravo: slava, you are wise beyond your years

[2/21/15, 2:23:30 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: lol
[2/21/15, 2:23:52 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: I am dalai lama
[2/21/15, 2:24:05 PM] Viacheslav Rudkovskyi: dalai slava