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[9/18/14 11:38:17 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: we have a new engineer whose last name is
[9/18/14 11:38:32 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: astfalk
[9/18/14 11:38:47 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: his last name sounds like assfuck
[9/18/14 11:38:51 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: astfalk => assfuck
[9/18/14 11:39:04 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: i'm sure he had a good time in high school
[9/18/14 11:39:10 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: THE ASSFUCKS ARE A PROUD LINEAGE
[9/18/14 11:40:49 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: i wish i knew this guy 16 years ago so i could make fun of him for his last name
[9/18/14 11:40:51 AM] Adrian Alexandre Bravo: now i'm an adult

i changed my mind



[9/17/14, 7:26:50 AM] Adrian Bravo: i'mma get breakfast
[9/17/14, 7:31:38 AM] Adrian Bravo: ah i changed my mind
[9/17/14, 7:31:39 AM] Adrian Bravo: fuck breakfast
[9/17/14, 7:31:44 AM] Adrian Bravo: MATT DOES THIS EXCITE YOU?
[9/17/14, 7:31:48 AM] Adrian Bravo: I CHANGED MY MIND ABOUT BREAKFAST

[9/17/14, 7:31:57 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: the idea of katy excites me

[9/17/14, 7:32:01 AM] Adrian Bravo: shut up

[9/17/14, 7:32:14 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: i'm going to get breakfast
[9/17/14, 7:32:16 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: it's 10:32
[9/17/14, 7:32:18 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: am

[9/17/14, 7:32:30 AM] Adrian Bravo: no dont
[9/17/14, 7:32:33 AM] Adrian Bravo: stay with me

[9/17/14, 7:32:35 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: i have to

[9/17/14, 7:32:36 AM] Adrian Bravo: if you go i'll leave
[9/17/14, 7:32:38 AM] Adrian Bravo: nooo

[9/17/14, 7:32:39 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: it's important

[9/17/14, 7:32:40 AM] Adrian Bravo: NOOOOOOO
[9/17/14, 7:32:42 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:43 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:43 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO

[9/17/14, 7:32:43 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: the most important meal of the day

[9/17/14, 7:32:44 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:45 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:45 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:46 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:46 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:47 AM] Adrian Bravo: NO
[9/17/14, 7:32:48 AM] Adrian Bravo: MATT
[9/17/14, 7:32:49 AM] Adrian Bravo: DONT
[9/17/14, 7:32:49 AM] Adrian Bravo: DO
[9/17/14, 7:32:50 AM] Adrian Bravo: IT

[9/17/14, 7:32:51 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: it's brain food

[9/17/14, 7:32:57 AM] Adrian Bravo: ok
[9/17/14, 7:32:59 AM] Adrian Bravo: i changed my mind
[9/17/14, 7:33:01 AM] Adrian Bravo: you can go

[9/17/14, 7:33:05 AM] Matthew Randall Cupples: ok thanks




Freddy: i want to do a marathon in 3 weeks
Matt Cupples: fuck that
Freddy: The marathon is a long-distance running event with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles and 385 yards)
Freddy: ok half a marathon
Freddy: i can feel the cigs coming out when i run
Freddy: i stop breathing and my lungs make some noise as if i had asma
Freddy: ashma lol
Matt Cupples: asthma
Freddy: oh matt, you never did accept me

Consistent Irrationality



Freddy: i'm going to go ahead and ask you to be more consistent with your irrationalityMatt: okay i don't like sarah palin

Ecivait this dick, bitch.



[8/1/14 12:07:12 PM] Austin David Flores: Le 01/08/14 à 16:53, Matthew Cuddles écrivait :> josh how do i nest a third set of quotes
escape them harder

[8/1/14 12:07:29 PM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: get that french moon language bullshit out of here
[8/1/14 12:07:32 PM] Josh Samuel Lindsey: this is an american chat

[8/1/14 12:07:34 PM] Matthew Randall Cupples: i didn't ecrivait shit, motherfucker

Who Cares



Freddy: why do they print checks
Cupples: who cares
Freddy: good point
Freddy: what am i? a girl?